City Council Reform in Minot

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On June 14, 2016, Minot citizens will be asked if they want to change our form of municipal government to the Modern Council system made up of six elected-at-large City Council members plus a voting Mayor. In total, our governing board will have seven voting members; each would be elected in citywide elections.

Minot’s current council system of government was approved by voters in 1932. June will be the first time since 1954 that voters consider a question like this. If approved, it will bring our governing body in line with other large cities in North Dakota.

#MakeMinot Proposal Minot Currently
Form of Government Modern Council System Council System
Elected Officials 7 15
Mayor Always Votes Votes to Break Ties
Council Members 7 (6 Aldermen, 1 Mayor) 14
Wards No Wards Yes, 7
Alderman Per Ward No Wards 2
At-Large Elections Yes, all officials Aldermen No, Mayor Yes


What’s the difference between a Council form and Modern Council form of Government?

The difference between the two systems is spelled out in North Dakota law. In the Council System (Minot currently) cities with more than 5,000 residents must elect council members from Wards. In the Modern Council system, elected officials may be elected at-large, from Wards, or a combination.

If approved, when would the transition to the new government take place?

If approved by voters in June, the election of new officials and the transition to the new government would take place in June of 2017. The transition plan would give us 1 full year to identify and implement necessary changes.

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